Charles Herbster Cancelling the University of Nebraska

Welcome back University of Nebraska students, faculty, and administrators. Go Big Red, Nebraska Strong, and all that jazz. Who’s ready to tailgate!

While you were enjoying your hot vaxx summer, candidates for Nebraska Governor had a blast trying to cancel your curriculum so you can have all the joy of student loans plus a limited education. Yas Queens, Nebraska’s Republican candidates for Governor are telling universities what to teach. One of those candidates even thinks university students are “children.”

Charles Herbster hates the University of Nebraska

We know it’s late summer 2021 and no one gives a shit about the 2022 Nebraska Governor’s race, so here’s a quick recap.

Charles Herbster, multi-level marketing CEO and Donald Trump’s minion, built his entire campaign for Nebraska Governor around Critical Race Theory (CRT). If you missed it, check out CancelHerbster’s previous explanation about Chuck and CRT, then share it on the social medias or something. If you make a TikTok about CancelHerbster, we’re available for a hook up.

Herbster invested so much of his campaign into Critical Race Theory that he spent almost $200,000 on a TV ad about it, rather than doing something constructive like introducing himself to voters. Also, Herbster called university students “children” in that ad. Because who thinks that someone over 18 is a child. Maybe people who live in Missouri, like Chuck, are down with that.

Herbster then provoked Jim Pillen, University of Nebraska Regent and candidate for Governor, into a lame resolution trying to ban Critical Race Theory from the university. Pillen’s resolution about this bogus issue failed on August 13th. Pillen’s failure also means that Herbster crashed and burned, and both Republican candidates pissed off Ted Carter, President of University of Nebraska.

What happens if Charles Herbster is elected Governor?

Herbster already answered that question in an interview with KFAB on August 18th, which occurred after Pillen’s unsuccessful political ploy. Herbster said, “There are things we can do with executive order [[about Critical Race Theory]]. The other things I believe we can do is simply: a Governor can work with the legislature, and we have to define and come up with some things we can do. Maybe it’s simply applying pressure.”

Wait, what? Charles Herbster just said he plans to bully the University of Nebraska over Critical Race Theory. Herbster should explain what he means by “applying pressure.” Is Herbster threatening the University’s budget if he’s elected Governor?

Herbster also declared, “Our school systems…are based on the taxes we pay into our state and into our communities. I’m going to just simply say this, the education system of our children and what the curriculum is needs to be determined by the parents and the grandparents and the taxpayers of this great state, and any state across the whole face of the country.”

Charles Herbster: Nebraska’s Karen

Keep in mind that Herbster called university students “children.” When Herbster says Critical Race Theory shouldn’t be taught, he’s not just talking about K-12 students.

Our darling University of Nebraska students, each and every one of you has a bright future ahead of you. Do you really want Mommy, Daddy, your extended family, and Nebraska’s taxpayers deciding your curriculum? Do you think Mom knows all about Dental Surgery; or racist Grandpa can explain War and Human Rights in Latin America; or that Charles Herbster speaks English? Leave the curriculum up to the professors who are experts in their field. That’s why we pay them, and it’s why they teach us. Rather than keeping Critical Race Theory out of the classroom, Cancel Charles Herbster. Tell Chuckles the Clownster that he’s not welcome at the University of Nebraska and needs to go back to something he does understand, like running a pyramid scheme.